Come Snowfall book cover.

The sweeping Western tale of a young girl's enduring spirit and courage.

In the summer of 1880, twelve-year-old Alice Calder is left alone to run the family's horse ranch on the outskirts of Baker City, Oregon, after her ma, pa, and little brother die of smallpox. The ranch is all she has left of her family, and she will do whatever it takes to hold onto it, even if it means greeting strangers at the business end of her Winchester rifle.

But when a man bearing an uncanny resemblance to her ma rides up and claims to be her Uncle Hank, Alice must decide whether to turn away blood kin or accept his help. It's a decision that will ultimately lead her on a journey of strength and resourcefulness across two territories, as she comes to terms with the meaning of family and just how far she's willing to go to save it.

The opening scene of Come Snowfall earned first place in the Kay Snow Awards for Fiction from Willamette Writers in 2018.

First place, Kay Snow award.

Available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

What readers are saying:

"Cindy hooked me from the first page with engaging characters struggling through tough times in a vivid landscape that made me want to take a road trip! The escalating tension kept me turning pages right through the end. To see how some deal with cultural injustice with strength and integrity was inspiring. Balanced with light humor and intriguing secondary characters, Come Snowfall delivers a great read." National Award Winning and Bestselling Author, Laurie Gilbert.

"Who would not want the heroin to sit across the campfire with them after a long day’s journey? In some mystical way, I know memory of her presence will always be a source of strength for me, she has my back."

"Having grown up in both Idaho and Oregon, Come Snowfall immediately grabbed my attention. Loved the main character's journey ... definitely captures the mood and setting of the period. Heck of a good western."