Iditarod Nights book cover.

"An intriguing romantic adventure that takes you through 1,000 miles of extreme weather and harsh terrain in the Alaskan wilderness."

Claire Stanfield became a lawyer to make her father proud, but after a troubling case leaves her shaken, she escapes to Alaska and immerses herself in the world of dog sledding. Dillon Cord became a police officer to serve his community, but he moves to Nome in the wake of a life-altering incident. For both, the Iditarod--the toughest sled dog race in the world--offers a chance for forgiveness, redemption, and healing.

After meeting unexpectedly just ten days before the race, Claire and Dillon are drawn together by the shared challenge of surviving the merciless Alaskan wilderness out on the trail. With the help of their strong-willed sled dogs, the two mushers navigate treacherous mountain paths, as well as their own budding relationship. If they can come to terms with their pasts and stay focused on the dangerous trail ahead, Claire and Dillon might have a chance to create something special--but only if they reach Nome in one piece.

LAST LINE CONTEST Honorable Mention: "Most Heartwarming"
~Awarded by the Chesapeake Romance Writers

Listed in the romance category as one of  The Best Books of 2020 by Multnomah County Library.

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What readers are saying:

"Heartwarming romance, complex characters, adrenaline inducing scenes and a breathtaking setting... will have your heart pumping for all the right reasons!"

Jennifer Snow, author of An Alaskan Christmas

"Engaging romance about the challenges of falling in love while running the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Cindy is a masterful writer who knows how to build tension and makes us fall in love with all the characters, including the sled dogs. This book keeps a fast pace ... with heroine and hero fighting the cold weather and their own inner demons. This is a great read."

Kimberly A. Cook, author of Mission: Purple Hearts