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January 2022 Something new for the new year.

Photo of two freshly baked banana bread loaves.

Welcome to 2022!

I hope your New Year is off to a fantastic start. I baked these beauties before Christmas: one for gifting and one for us (otherwise the one for gifting may have come up missing a slice!). Nothing like the smell of banana bread to fill the house with holiday cheer. Just looking at them has me thinking it's time to put my apron back on and bake up another one...or three? ;)

In my December newsletter, I mentioned more plans in the works for Destination Stardust. I'm happy to announce my first ever large print hardcover release!

Now available Destination Stardust: Large Print (in hardcover)!

I'm excited to be testing new publishing waters. My plan is to offer hardcover, large print editions of Come Snowfall and Ramsey Judd in the months to come, as well. If you'd like to be notified of future new releases, sign up for my newsletter!

Destination Stardust book cover

There aren't any road trips to write about this time. The weather has been too unfriendly for traveling or hiking, with snow followed by heavy rain and high winds – the kind of weather best enjoyed from inside a warm home, feet propped up beside a crackling fire, a cup of hot tea or coffee at hand, and of course a good book to read.

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!
Happy New Year 2022 banner.

December 2021 A new look for Destination Stardust.

Pumpkin pies and cozy fires, winter has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to putting the garden's watering system in storage and covering the air conditioner, all the fun stuff that goes with preparing for winter, I've been collaborating with my cover designer on a fresh look for Destination Stardust. And a new cover deserves a revised back blurb, of course. I hope you're as pleased with the outcome as I am!

Photo of Destination Stardust book covers.

A boy with a gift, a woman desperate to reach Vegas, an insomniac at the wheel.

The year is 2007 and the Stardust Casino is scheduled for demolition. Grace's chance to see the icon from her past one last time fades, after the car she's driving breaks down outside Little Rock, Arkansas. But on their way to the Grand Canyon, Ray and his eleven-year-old son, Benny, stop to help, and before Grace has time to talk herself out of it, she accepts their offer to take her to Las Vegas. As Ray's classic Olds Cutlass eats up miles of highway, Grace can't shake the feeling the boy controls the journey and something greater than their physical selves is riding shotgun.

At a gas stop in Oklahoma, Benny knocks over a garbage can and discovers a bag full of money. It's not long before the man who hid the bag is on their tail, demanding its return. But despite Ray's efforts to comply, nobody anticipates the resourcefulness of a boy like Benny, launching father, son, and Grace "...on the trip of a lifetime, with unexpected, often hilarious, results." ~Patricia Day, 5-Star Readers' Favorite

"A great read for book clubs!"

"...refreshingly good medicine."

"...a powerful, empowering story for all ages."

Now available in ebook and paperback. There are more surprises planned for Destination Stardust, coming early in 2022. Stay tuned!

In other news, my husband and I drove to Wilhoit Springs Park last month, a charming little spot near Molalla, Oregon. All that remains of the once popular spa resort is the park caretaker's home and the bathhouse's concrete foundation, built over the outlet to the soda springs. Visitors can still drink of the mineral water, which tastes like salty iron.

Photo of gazebo in Wilhoit Springs Park.

Gazebo covering the well.

Photo of mineral well in Wilhoit Springs Park.

Mineral Well.

Photo of water pump in Wilhoit Springs Park.

Antique water pump.

Does anybody else feel like 2021 zoomed by faster than usual? I'm not nearly as far along on my next western adventure as planned. At least it has a working title now: Becker's Trail. So many things I'd hoped to accomplish this year, but isn't that the way it goes? Soon we'll be ringing in 2022 with more lofty expectations and new goals. May the holidays bring you peace and joy!

Christmas greeting.

August 2021 Summer in the rearview mirror.

Photo of canned pickels.

Hard to believe September is just around the corner and summer is quickly coming to an end. Our vegetable garden is still producing tomatoes faster than I can freeze and dry them (or chop into a salad). The green beans and hot peppers got off to a slow start but are coming on strong now. And the Instant Pot has been a time-saver for steam-processing small batches of dill pickles: 16 pints so far!

At the beginning of August, my husband and I took a three-day break from it all to explore the Coos Bay area on the Oregon coast. The foggy mornings and sunny afternoons were just what we needed.

Photo of Coos Bay Oregon boardwalk.

Coos Bay boardwalk.

Photo of Face Rock at Bandon Beach Oregon.

Face Rock, Bandon beach.

It even rained (something we haven't seen enough of in the city) one morning, but cleared in time for a lovely hike to Alsea Falls on our way home.

Photo of Alsea Falls in Oregon.

Alsea Falls in Oregon.

Photo of Cindy at Alsea Falls in Oregon

Alsea Falls Pose.

With all the busyness the summer months bring, progress has been slow on my new novel. That will change as tomato cages and trellises are stored away for the season. I'm looking forward to rejoining my cast of characters on their quest through Quartzville, Oregon's northernmost mining town in the Cascade Mountains, during its short gold boom (1863-1870).

In the meantime, you can now pick up the ebook of Come Snowfall and Ramsey Judd for just $2.99 each!

Photo of Come Snowfall book cover.

Photo of Ramsey Judd book cover.

As we navigate our way through another year of a merciless pandemic, I hope this finds you safe and in good spirits. Grab joy where you can, no matter how brief. Those small joys add up.

If you have a good read to recommend, or would just like to say hello, please email writer@cindyhiday.com
I'd enjoy hearing from you!

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